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What Do Kim Kardassian and KFC Have in Common?

Would you believe they are both the latest manicure fashion?

What Are Kimojis? The Answer May Be Right At Your Fingertips What began as an Internet app that went viral, Kim Kardashian’s “Kimojis” are now available as a decal for your fingernails, for use during your next manicure. For those not ...

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Binh’s is “Alberta Strong” With A Free Nail Design for Fire Evacuees

Help from the Heart

Like many Albertans watching the horror of the destructive power of the Fort McMurray fire, the caring folks at Binh’s Nails in Edmonton’s east end wanted to do something to help. As a result, the popular pedi emporium is offering a free nail ...

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A Manicure Made for Alberta?

Photo: Perfect for the Oil Patch

We Read It on Reddit According to a story on the In Style website,  there is a Reddit contributor who goes by the name of “Skelezombie” who is definitely not a bone head. She (at least we’re guessing she’s a she by the feminine ...

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Channing Tatum Sets Hubby Bar with Pedicure

Photo: Do you really want your husband going at your toes?

Magic Mike heartthrob, Channing Tatum, has likely thrilled countless housewives and disappointed legions of his male fans by helping his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum with her DIY pedicure. The story was instantly picked up by international media sources such ...

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You Won’t Believe What They Use for Pedicures Now

The Sweetest Thing

In our capacity as Leading Authority on Wild Pedicures in the News, the research department of Binh’s Nails has uncovered another zany pedicure fad that is making headlines in the beautysphere. Are you ready for it?  It is the chocolate pedi. ...

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Introducing Nailbot - For When You Want R2D2 to Do Your Nails

Photo: This is an Improvement over a relaxing afternoon at the spa?

(Binh's News) According to news website, the newest wrinkle in the world of manicure is getting your nails done by a robot. The innovation, named “Nailbot” (what else would you call it?) was created by University of Chicago ...

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8 Over-the-Top Manicures That Will Make You Say "Huh?"

Photo: That was our reaction, too!

The aesthetic artisans at Binh’s are always on the lookout for new and exciting fingernail fashion options now that traditional, conservative manicure trends have been turned upside down. We were excited; therefore, to encounter a webpage featuring ...

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Killer Style, Are You Ready For A Scorpion Mani?

When Edmonton’s Binh’s Nails East featured a blog regarding the trending of “Werewolf Manis” in international style circles, we were certain this would be the most frightening manicure one could ever get. Having tufts of wild werewolf ...

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What Your Nail Polish Choice Says About Your Chakra

(Yes, you, too, have chakras!)

Looking for the right nail shade to tell the world what you’re all about? The internet abounds with websites that describe what your nail shade selection symbolizes. Unfortunately, they often disagree. In some articles, red stands for violence and ...

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Why Mechanics are Now Offering Manicures

Photo: Meet Gus, Your New Manicurist

Imagine going to the garage down the street to get work done on your car and being able to get work done on your fingernails at the same time.  Forget your exhaust manifold, we’re talking exhaustive manicure! Believe it or not, this new service ...

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Werewolf Nails Not Designed for Real Life

There are some fashion fads that appear to be designed for maximum effect but not for daily use. Six-inch stiletto heels are a perfect example of trading all day practicality for the sudden impact of a stunning style. As effective as they are for turning ...

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Celeb Pedis and Baby Feet - Breaking Pedi News

Binh's news keeps you on your toes

And DeNiro, too? What do iconic celebrities Cate Blanchard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Campbell and Robert DeNiro have in common? (Beside the fact they have more money lost in their couch cushions than most of us have in our chequing account.) The answer ...

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Print-A-Hint For Valentines with Binh's Salon on 17th

Doesn't a Spa Day Sound Better than a New Snow Shovel?

Valentines is coming up fast and you just know that lunkhead of a husband, boyfriend or whatever you call your significant other is going to let you down. Either he will disappoint you with a lame gift from his favorite national tire retailer or forget ...

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Pedicures in the Press

Newsy Bits About Our Favorite Health and Wellness Procedure

Pedicures are generally soothing, sensual delights that are an essential part of an active, healthy lifestyle but not usually news-worthy unless it intersects with another area of interest such as the entertainment world. Science usually doesn’t ...

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8 Great Hacks For Longer Lasting DIY Nails

Be sure to check out our gallery for super style ideas!

We know some clients can’t always get to Binh’s for a professional manicure as often as they would like so we want to share some tips for the do-it-yourselfers among us. These suggestions may help keep your fingers looking fashionable between ...

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You Need a Pedicure TODAY - Here's Why

How fit are your feet? When you take 8000 to 10,000 steps on average per day like most people, in your lifetime you will have walked almost 200,000 kilometers. This is an equivalent distance to walking around the planet at the equator five times. (We ...

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Terrific for 2016 - Manicure Magic for the New Year

New looks from Hollywood and around the world

It’s a new year and a great opportunity to look at the manicure fads that are currently trending in the aesthetic industry. The creativity of these new styles, shades and procedures are often driven by new techniques from far off lands, as well ...

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Pedicure for Males; One Man's Confession

Humour, too, is part of the pedicure experience

A portion of my job duties at work in the website mines includes doing site visits to customers’ locations to see for myself what they are all about. I really appreciate this component of my work when the client is a burger shop, for example, or ...

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5 Reasons Why Manicures, Pedicures and Spa Treatments Make Great Gifts

Beauty is a Gift Guaranteed to Please

For some people, gift buying is the worst part of the holidays. There is pressure to get just the right thing, money issues are often a concern and there's always worry that a costly, unappreciated choice will be made. That's where gift certificates ...

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Nailed It - Binh's Nails East Now Open

Great New Nail Salon Opens South of Whitemud on 17 Street in edmonton

The long-awaited arrival of Binh’s Nails on 17 Street in east Edmonton is an early Christmas gift for style-conscious modern women looking for professional manicure and pedicure services with a creative flair. Binh’s offers a complete line ...

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