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8 Great Hacks For Longer Lasting DIY Nails

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We know some clients can't always get to Binh's for a professional manicure as often as they would like so we want to share some tips for the do-it-yourselfers among us. These suggestions may help keep your fingers looking fashionable between aesthetic appointments or when professional pampering is not a viable option for you.

Get Oiled Up - Always begin your DIY mani by carefully cleaning natural oils and other contaminants from your nails using a cotton ball or swab soaked in white vinegar.  Any substances that remain on your nail may not allow the base coat to adhere properly.

Ignore Madge from the TV ads - You do not have to soak your nails before applying polish. In fact, soaking nails in any water-based solution could cause the nail to expand, which will compromise the look when the nails return to normal after the polish is applied. Use cuticle oil application as an alternative to soaking.

Never ignore your base - Apply a layer of basecoat to the very tip of the fingernail before applying the complete basecoat to the entire nail. This doubles the strength of the leading edge of the nail and discourages chipping

Stick it to your Cuticles - Do not allow polish to remain on your cuticles as it will make the polish lift. Apply cuticle oil to make them more supple, then use a stick to gently push the cuticles back to access the nail surface underneath.

Shape matching is catching - Examine the shape of your cuticles and file your nails to match the contour. This will make them naturally stronger and break resistant.

No need to rough it - Unless your nails are super-thick, don't rough the surface to make the polish adhere better. Instead, select a sticky basecoat which will bind, epoxy-like to the polish.

Shake your booty, not your bottle - Never shake your nail polish bottle as it introduces tiny air bubbles into the mix which leads to premature breakdown. Stir your polish gently by rolling it in your hands prior to opening.

Life on the edge - Always make certain to pay special attention to the leading edge of your nail when applying basecoat, polish and topcoat. A little extra product on the free edge will strengthen the nail where it needs it most.

After you are done, post your DIY style to our Facebook page to show off your skill to all of your friends and ours, too!

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Author: Grace

Grace owns and manages Binh's Nails at 3765 - 17 street Edmonton and has dedicated her life to creating dazzling, ornate nail designs, even in 3D!

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