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Why Seniors Are Important to Binh's Nails Tamarack

Manis and Pedis are a Vital Part of Healthy Senior Living

Sometimes as we dash through our day, speeding from our hectic work life to our equally hectic social life, we appreciate the health and wellness value in taking time out for ourselves. For many of today's modern women, there's nothing like a ...

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A New Use For Your Mani You Would Never Guess!

Transportation at your fingertips

Getting a manicure is a relaxing oasis of calm and caring in the midst of a turbulent day.  A great-looking manicure can give your spirits a lift while providing much-needed attention for essential nail health. Now, however, a manicure has been designed ...

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Print-A-Hint For Valentines with Binh's Salon on 17th

Doesn't a Spa Day Sound Better than a New Snow Shovel?

Valentines is coming up fast and you just know that lunkhead of a husband, boyfriend or whatever you call your significant other is going to let you down. Either he will disappoint you with a lame gift from his favorite national tire retailer or forget ...

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