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Are "Kid Only" Nails Salons Necessary?

Do kids need manis and pedis?

If you start to explore the fascinating world of manicures, you will encounter weird and wonderful stories from across the globe.  It's fun to see how things are done in other lands and intriguing to wonder how the differences came to be. Here ...

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Manicure: A Brief History of Time to Relax

How manicures came to be.

Although manicures have a modern, cutting edge vibe to them, the practice of adorning fingernails with various colours and textures goes back to prehistoric times. It seems hardwired in us to value personal decoration, since humans have always done it, ...

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Binh's is "Alberta Strong" With A Free Nail Design for Fire Evacuees

Help from the Heart

Like many Albertans watching the horror of the destructive power of the Fort McMurray fire, the caring folks at Binh's Nails in Edmonton's east end wanted to do something to help. As a result, the popular pedi emporium is offering a free nail ...

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Nailed It - Binh's Nails East Now Open

Great New Nail Salon Opens South of Whitemud on 17 Street in edmonton

The long-awaited arrival of Binh's Nails on 17 Street in east Edmonton is an early Christmas gift for style-conscious modern women looking for professional manicure and pedicure services with a creative flair. Binh's offers a complete line of ...

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