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California Nail Salons Offer Spiritual Awakening Pedi

What will they think of next?

We all know a pedicure at Binh's Nails Tamarack is a delicious oasis of relaxation in our way-too-busy lives, but a pedicure chain in crazy California is now elevating the experience into the spirit world. Bellacures, a pricey pedi palace with numerous ...

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Why Seniors Are Important to Binh's Nails Tamarack

Manis and Pedis are a Vital Part of Healthy Senior Living

Sometimes as we dash through our day, speeding from our hectic work life to our equally hectic social life, we appreciate the health and wellness value in taking time out for ourselves. For many of today's modern women, there's nothing like a ...

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You Need a Pedicure TODAY!

Here's Why

How fit are your feet? When you take 8000 to 10,000 steps on average per day like most people, in your lifetime you will have walked almost 200,000 kilometers. This is an equivalent distance to walking around the planet at the equator five times. (We ...

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Nailed It - Binh's Nails East Now Open

Great New Nail Salon Opens South of Whitemud on 17 Street in edmonton

The long-awaited arrival of Binh's Nails on 17 Street in east Edmonton is an early Christmas gift for style-conscious modern women looking for professional manicure and pedicure services with a creative flair. Binh's offers a complete line of ...

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