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Grace Reviews Sock-Type Home Pedicure Kits

Spoler Alert - Acid is not Grace's Cup of Tea

I love getting a pedicure. There is something deeply satisfying about having a well-trained professional apply their magic hands to that poor pair of gnarly, calloused lumps I laughingly call my feet. Getting the exfoliating calf and foot massage is always ...

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Why Seniors Are Important to Binh's Nails Tamarack

Manis and Pedis are a Vital Part of Healthy Senior Living

Sometimes as we dash through our day, speeding from our hectic work life to our equally hectic social life, we appreciate the health and wellness value in taking time out for ourselves. For many of today's modern women, there's nothing like a ...

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Why Men Are Making the Move to Get Manicures and Pedicures

Photo: He forgot to wax first

The First Man The first man to get a pedicure was probably not LeBron James, but it may as well have been. Since his 2014 Instagram confession proclamation (from a pedi-chair no less) that, "Have to take care of your dogs Men! It's part of our life ...

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Nailed It - Binh's Nails East Now Open

Great New Nail Salon Opens South of Whitemud on 17 Street in edmonton

The long-awaited arrival of Binh's Nails on 17 Street in east Edmonton is an early Christmas gift for style-conscious modern women looking for professional manicure and pedicure services with a creative flair. Binh's offers a complete line of ...

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