Tips to Keep Your Salon Style Looking Lovely Longer

Patience is a virtue

Although your new nail style looks and feels dry, remember that it takes a minimum of 12 hours before your style has ‘set’ properly.

Heat is no help

Hot air is great for drying clothes but not fingernail polish. Even blowing warm air from your mouth is counter-productive to the drying process. Better alternatives include cooling fans or your blow dryer on the coolest setting.

Brittle is for peanuts not polish

Avoid the use of hand sanitizer as the alcohol may affect the topcoat as well as drying out your nails to a more brittle state. Soap and water work just as well for cleanliness and maintain your manicure much better.

Preventative maintenance for lasting beauty

Every couple of days, add another layer of clear topcoat  to reinforce polish protection. Make sure to take special care with the leading edge of the nail where breakage is most likely to occur. Applying a layer on the leading edge before reapplying the topcoat to the entire nail will add strength and prevent cracks and chips.

Bring Your Own Bottle

Binh’s has a spectrum of hues that would put a rainbow to shame, however, you may still wish to bring your own. This will ensure you have the exact colour and intensity match for doing minor repairs between salon visits.

Every Day Nail Duty

Your nails will enjoy greater flexibility and experience less brittleness and damage if you use nail oil daily.

A Cure for Leading-Edge Chips

Chips can be concealed by filing down the edge and reapplying topcoat sealer. A swipe of polish will also help prior to the topcoat but requires you to use the BYOB option at the salon. Another option for chipped edges is to file sparingly and add a thin French tip feature and more topcoat.

First Aid for Gel Nails

If your gel nails have grown out, you can get another mile out of your style by adding  glitter and a top coat.

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