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Print-A-Hint For Valentines with Binh's Salon on 17th

Doesn't a Spa Day Sound Better than a New Snow Shovel?

Valentines is coming up fast and you just know that lunkhead of a husband, boyfriend or whatever you call your significant other is going to let you down. Either he will disappoint you with a lame gift from his favorite national tire retailer or forget about the Big Day completely. And by forget, I mean "forget". I mean, seriously, how can you possibly miss Valentine's Day with the wall-to-wall ads for it wherever you go... unless you're really trying to?

Men Need Direction

It's not your fella's fault, however. They can only think about one thing at a time, unlike the multi-tasking marvels we women are and, well, the Super Bowl IS this weekend. They also have other important stuff to think about like... well, okay, nothing really springs to mind other than sports and scratching themselves in inappropriate places at inappropriate times. We women know men need to be gently guided into doing the right thing and in this case, the right thing is to get you a great Valentines gift.

Forget Subtlety, It's Lost on Them

Men miss out on the subtleties of a woman. They don't pick up on what we consider to be obvious hints and gestures indicating our wants and needs and expect us to actually tell them what they are. This is not acceptable, of course. We want men to anticipate our desires and fulfill them without being asked at all. Sadly, this means many women will be seriously ticked at their cheapskate mate and be forced to settle for a new ironing board or equally lame gift.

How Can He Not Know What I Really Want?

Because men are... challenged in certain ways, to put it nicely, they don't understand a woman's need for pampering, for beauty, for time away with girlfriends. Men need to see the benefits  that accrue from having a loving partner, now refreshed and relaxed from a day of artfully rendered manicures, wonderfully sensuous pedicures, rehydrating facials and other personal delights that are only found at a professional spa such as Binh's.

Binh's to the Rescue!

Binh's Nails knows how this game is played. We understand there's nothing wrong with giving our guy a gentle reminder to make sure he gets with the program. We comprehend that he needs help finding something nice for Valentines; not something he happened to see at the last sportmen's show. To that end we are putting out this handy Print-a-Hint coupon for all our social media followers to use as they see fit. Simply print it out and leave it where he is sure to find it; like taped to his case of beer. We hope it really works for you!

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Author: Grace

Grace owns and manages Binh's Nails at 3765 - 17 street Edmonton and has dedicated her life to creating dazzling, ornate nail designs, even in 3D!

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