Senior ladies lifting weights points up how important nail care from Binh's Nails East can be

Why Seniors Are Important to Binh's Nails Tamarack

Manis and Pedis are a Vital Part of Healthy Senior Living

Sometimes as we dash through our day, speeding from our hectic work life to our equally hectic social life, we appreciate the health and wellness value in taking time out for ourselves. For many of today's modern women, there's nothing like a relaxing pedicure at an oasis of calm like Binh's on 17 Street in Edmonton to provide the pampered pause and vital nail health they need. It may surprise many young, high-energy females that the importance of manicure and pedicure treatments doesn't diminish when they take the rat race off-ramp that's called retirement.

The Need for Aesthetic Attention Doesn't Diminish with Age

As a healthy, active senior, it is more important than ever to take care of your body. As we get older, healing takes longer, so healthy habits and disease prevention becomes even more important. Regularly performed professional manicures and pedicures are two of the healthy habits in a senior's care regimen. In fact, the importance of spa services for seniors is so pressing, at a recent seminar of the International Nail Technician Association in Chicago, the theme was "Seniors Need Pedicure-Love Too".

Why Seniors Still Need It

Besides the obvious health benefits that come from conscientious nail care, there is another factor that must be recognized. Setting aside time and money for personal services such as pedicures, lets seniors know they are still worth it. They have value beyond what they did in their work life.  Self-worth is a vital component of good mental health and spending an afternoon and a few dollars getting pampered validates that position.

Binh's East Loves Seniors

Binh's Nails on 17 Street recognizes the great value that seniors provide our society. Their creative nail technicians and aestheticists treat our older clients with the respect due a generation that built this great province. There's no hurry to our seniors service, just gentle, unrushed care that befits women "of a certain age". After all, we know we'll all end up there someday, too.


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