You don't have to be a genius to ace this exam!

QUIZ TIME! Test Your Mani/Pedi IQ with Binh's Nails

You don't have to be a genius to ace this exam!

So you think you are pretty smart about popular trends in manicures and pedicures in the media? Take this test to see just how much you know about our favourite nail styles and the people who wear them. The answers are at the bottom of the quiz. Remember, no cheating and clicking on the links unless you need a hint. Good luck!


1.  There are lots of crazy manicure designs out there; pick which one is not a "thing".

A)  The Scorpion Mani.
B)   The Werewolf Mani.
C)   The Chip-enabled Mani.
D)   The Mechanic Mani.
E)    All of the above.
F)    None of the above.


2. Many guys are beginning to enjoy the delights of pedicure. Which famous fellas have been found to be flaunting their pedicured feet.

A)   NHL star Joel Ward.
B)   NBA icons LeBron James. Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant.
C)   European soccer heartthrob David Beckham.
D)   Movie tough guy Robert DeNiro.
E)   All of the above.
F)   None of the above.


3. Many famous folks have been quoted discussing manicures and pedicures. Which celebrity has NOT?

A) Country music superstar Dolly Parton.
B) Former Beatle John Lennon.
C) Hollywood superstar Audrey Hepburn.
D) Rock star Meatloaf.
E) Television Personality Ryan Seacrest.
F) All of the above.
G) None of the above.


4.  What does Kentucky Fried Chicken have to do with manicures?

A)   KFC has free decals for manicurists to use featuring an image of their iconic bucket
B)   You can get nail polish in Hong Kong that tastes like KFC chicken
C)   A Kentucky manicurist will expertly paint a headshot of Colonel Sanders on your nails.
D)   In Singapore, if you get a manicure in KFC colours, you get an order of free popcorn chicken.
E)   All of the above
F)   None of the above

5.  What weird mani/pedi news stories occurred in 2016?

A)   Robots have begun performing manicures
B)   Kim Kardashian has her own line of "Kimogis" for a Kim K manicure
C)   A manicurist named Skelezombie has created the "oil slick" mani.
D)   Lab rats are getting manicures and pedicures to prevent them from scratching itchy skin.
E)   All of the above
F)   None of the above.

6.  Which character in a Hollywood movie was a manicurist?

A)   Adrienne (Rocky)
B)   Rosie Baggins (Lord of the Rings)
C)   Olive Oyl (Popeye the Movie)
D)   Cruella DeVille (101 Dalmatians)
E)   All of the above
F)   None of the above.



The answers to the questions are as follows:

1 - E, 2 - E, 3 - D, 4 - B, 5 - E, 6 - F

Let us know how you did on social media!


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