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You Need a Pedicure TODAY!

Here's Why

How fit are your feet?

When you take 8000 to 10,000 steps on average per day like most people, in your lifetime you will have walked almost 200,000 kilometers. This is an equivalent distance to walking around the planet at the equator five times. (We recommend a boat for the oceanic parts of the journey.) This figure is definitely impressive, but that kind of rugged use isn't without its negative impacts.

What's the problem here?

Yes, life does take its toll on your poor tootsies. Callouses can build up creating un-natural pressure points on the soles, your toenails can develop a mind of their own and start in-growing into the nerve-dense area of your toes and your feet may dry out causing cracks, blemishes and infection. Other foot-related afflictions can include soreness from stiff muscles, an unhealthy buildup of dead skin (ewww!) and chronic pain that can reduce active living and contribute to obesity.

Pedicure for Proper Pedi-Care

Luckily, there is a simple, effective, non-pharmaceutical solution for all of these scary scenarios, and that is to maintain proper foot health which includes regular professional pedicure treatments.  Don't take our word for it, however; even the ancient Egyptians knew that pedicures were essential to good health 2400 years ago.  Cleopatra and her peeps were smart enough to realize all the health benefits that derive from receiving a great pedicure both physically and mentally. We should, too.

Let's Get Physical

There are numerous ways in which pedicures provide better health for your feet and for the rest of your body. Here are just a few;

Early detection of disease.

Let's face it; you don't spend a lot of time thinking about your feet unless you are experiencing an immediate problem. By having a professional pedicurist expertly examine you once a month or more is a great way to be proactive about your foot health. They can get much closer for a visual inspection than you can, unless, perhaps, you're a circus contortionist. Being pro-active is the most sensible way to avoid major pain and problems down the road.

Infection reduction.

Regularly scheduled cleansing and clipping toe nails protects them from becoming ingrown which can create wounds that are susceptible to disease and infection. This is because the nail growth process is very gradual and tiny issues often aren't detected until they are much bigger problems.

Don't be calloused!

Eliminating callouses can eliminate many other potential problems.  Many people have claustrophobic feet. They can't stand wearing socks and wait for the first snowfall to ditch their summer sandals. These people have likely noticed the incredible speed at which their heels and balls of their feet develop thick callouses. Callousing is a natural defense mechanism of the body to help withstand repeated friction in a specific spot. Unfortunately, however, this defense can cause problems when the callous gets too thick and creates pressure points on your soles. These can cause you to change your gait creating joint pain in your knees, hips and back. Having a pedicure professional properly remove and disinfect these overgrown callouses prevents this build up and contributes to better joint health for your whole body.

The danger of dry feet. 

Moisturizing is a critical component of every professional pedi. This is because well moisturized feet have more elasticity and are far less likely to crack, blister and peel which can lead to infections. Moisturizing also slows the production of dead skin cells which require exfoliation or may contribute to clogging and infection.

Promotes circulation. The foot massage that accompanies the vast majority of pedicures aids in relaxing both mind and body and is one of the most popular parts of any pedi. As lovely as the massage feels, however, it does much more than you might think. Expert massages can do wonders for the physiology of the foot; realigning the tarsal bones and working the kinks out of the myriads of tiny joints that connect the 26 bones that make up a human foot.

Mental as Anything

Pedicures are a powerful method of maintaining healthy feet but they also enhance better mental health in a number of ways. Examples of this advantage are plentiful and include:

The Ahhhh factor.

A good pedi is an exercise in relaxation which is one of the few things our stressed-to-the-max, affluent society is mighty short on. Having someone pamper you and allow you to become the focus for a while, instead of everyone else in your life as is usual, is simply divine.

You're your own best friend so act like it.

Splurging on yourself with a professional pedi is validation that you are worth being pampered. It is healthy to recognize it is okay to be a little selfish sometimes and do things that are just for you, not anyone else for a change.

Foot pain affects sleep.

Nothing aids in promoting great health like a good night's sleep. However, foot pain from cracked soles or ingrown toenails can seriously compromise the quality of your nightly rest and lead to sleep deprivation psychosis. Preventing infections and relaxing your mind and body are essential aspects to a decent sleep and are also, coincidentally, the outcomes of a great pedi.

The clear winner, by a good two feet

Foot health awareness can spread. If you become conscious of how proper care makes your feet function better, you may extrapolate and embrace the same philosophy for the rest of your body.  A healthy body and a healthy mind go together like chocolate and taste buds. No wonder providing professional pedicures is a $6 billion industry. They are worth every penny.


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