Are "Kid Only" Nails Salons Necessary?

Are "Kid Only" Nails Salons Necessary?

Do kids need manis and pedis?

If you start to explore the fascinating world of manicures, you will encounter weird and wonderful stories from across the globe.  It's fun to see how things are done in other lands and intriguing to wonder how the differences came to be. Here is a newsy bit from "across the pond" about our favourite salon services and the questions it raises about mani/pedi for youths. Enjoy!

Full Disclosure: We Love Kids

First of all, for clarity sake, it's important to point out that Binh's Nails Tamarack are like most aesthetic spas in our region, in that we welcome children as clients, as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. In fact, we offer a number of spa services with special pricing just for the wee ones. However, in other countries, this is not the norm.  In the UK, apparently, kid-friendly manicure shops are few and far between. This odd arrangement opened the door for a shop that actually specializes in salon services exclusively for small fry. The question is; is it really necessary? Do kids need manis and pedis?

Need? No. Want? Yes!

Obviously kids don't have the same need for hand and foot care as their older relatives. They are not exactly building up inches of thick, hard skin on their soles, and their fingers must be capable of withstanding the rigours of digging in the sandbox and other hands-on activities which most grown women studiously try to avoid.


So what's the point?

However, spa sessions for little girls are certainly not for naught. Introducing young girls into the secrets of creating their own mystique is an essential element of parenting, not to mention establishing hygienic habits early on. But there's more to it than that.

A Day Out With Mom

I have countless experiences with Moms and daughters who come in together for some wonderful sharing time.  Side-by-side pedis and matching nail designs are just part of the fun and it's amazing to watch family bonding happen right before our eyes.

How lovely!

But this shared special time isn't at all the same as taking your kid to some place that specializes in serving just child clients. You may as well haul them off to a Chucky Cheese and just drop them off, for all the sharing time a kid-only business model would entail. I don't know how British salons evolved into "No Kids, Please" places but I am grateful we in Canada did not follow the same path. There is something uniquely sweet and special about a Mom and Daughter mani.  When you want to reconnect with your wee one with some special sharing time, gives Binh's Nails Tamarack a call. We never tire of seeing the magic happen between little girls and their Mommies.


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