An Edible Chocolate Manicure?

An Edible Chocolate Manicure?


Remember last April when Binh's Nails Tamarack shared the story about the nail emporium  using chocolate pudding in their pedicure procedures? Other than the practice being a gross violation of biblical commandments against wasting chocolate, we believed we had heard the end of strange choco-related spa treatments. Apparently, however, we were quite wrong to think they couldn't get any weirder.

What Have They Done Now?

Believe it or not, the latest manicure sensation involves installing edible chocolate treats on your nails. Yep. Real chocolate. Now, your friends at Binh's love sweets as much as the next person, especially if the next person is a chocoholic, but to use it in a nail style just seems like... well... chocolate abuse. The worst part is, however, in trying to decide when to eat your finger fashion.

How Hungry Must You Be to Eat Your Manicure?

Getting edible chocolatey treats welded to your fingernails does beg the question when is it appropriate to indulge your taste buds with their delightful creaminess. We put the question to Binh's Nails Coolness Consultants (also known as Grace and the gals) and here are some instances where they feel eating the chocolate off an edible nail design would be warranted:

  • When feeling a bit peckish at work and there's still an hour to go before lunch.  

  • Immediately after realizing the foolishness of having calories constantly available at your fingertips.

  • If you tire of your chocolatey dessert mani and want to go with an entree item like a roast beef or pasta mani.

  • If you are lost for more than 24 hours in the forest with chocolate-loving grizzly bears everywhere.

This is a joke, right?

Nope! See for yourself what an edible mani looks like here. We can at least be thankful they stuck with chocolate and stayed away from meat products for the vegan aesthetics consumers among us.


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Author: Grace

Grace owns and manages Binh's Nails at 3765 - 17 street Edmonton and has dedicated her life to creating dazzling, ornate nail designs, even in 3D!

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