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What Your Nail Polish Choice Says About Your Chakra

(Yes, you, too, have chakras!)

Looking for the right nail shade to tell the world what you're all about? The internet abounds with websites that describe what your nail shade selection symbolizes. Unfortunately, they often disagree. In some articles, red stands for violence and anger while others maintain it's the color of romance and love.

Instead of relying on these unscientific opinions on what each color signifies, we can look to other cultures who have historically codified colors as part of their body of medicinal knowledge. Consider, for example, using the ancient East Indian medicinal system known as "Ayurveda"or "life knowledge" to help make your style decision. This enlightenment came courtesy of a deity named Dhanvantari. This is handy in case anyone questions your polish hue as you can tell them your choice came directly from Above.

According to the precepts of Ayurveda, your body is comprised of seven specific regions called "Chakras" and each have a color that corresponds with the Roy G Biv colour palette we learned about in junior high school science class. The table below provides a breakdown of the color each chakra is associated with and the function of the chakra. By identifying which chakras are playing a more important role in your life currently, those are the best option for your nail polish hue.

Chakra Order






Base of spine

Grounding and survival



Lower abdomen, genitals

Emotions, sexuality



Solar Plexus

Power, ego




Love, responsibility




Physical and spiritual communication



Just above the center of the brow, mid-forehead

Forgiveness, compassion, understanding



Crown of head


Connection with universal energies, transmission of ideas and information



RED: This slideshow on the Good Housekeeping website insists red is for when you're "on top of the world" because it "exudes strength" and "gives off a flirty vibe."

In the chakra universe, however, wearing red is a far more serious choice which speaks of your indomitable spirit and plucky survivor vibe. Wearing red will increase your resilience and vitality but still keep you grounded and secure in what is important in your life.


ORANGE: Nail and beauty site, Julep also weighed in on their idea of what various colors mean when worn on your fingernails. Julep claims this polish choice is "all about having a good time" and is a color ideal for "social butterflies" with the darkness of the shade reflective of the intensity of the emotions; light oranges radiate sweetness while the darker ones symbolize more assertiveness.

In the realm of Ayurveda, though, orange is the sexy one.  This means using orange is sure to give you a feeling of confidence in your romantic engagements and provide a sense of your own sexual power.

YELLOW: This Huffington Post article, claims yellow is all about happiness.  It is the perfect color choice for party girls and all those who want to appear joyful and jubilant.  

In chakra talk, however, yellow is concerned with self-confidence and appreciating yourself  for having the guts to do what you do. When you want to be bold a brassy and a little sassy, yellow may be the color for you.

GREEN: Fashion experts at The Beauty Gypsy have weighed in on going green and decreed that verdant polish "exudes earthiness and spunk".  They describe it as a power color for "women with a sense of adventure and don't shy away from risky choices".

Chakra wisdom, however, suggests that green is associated with the heart and is, more than red, all about love and the sort of responsibilities that come with love. Green should be the official hue of Mother's Day as no other group exemplifies the mix of the deepest kind of love with responsible behavior than mothers.

BLUE: Media icon, Shape, also opined on their view of what nail colors mean and describe blue (particularly dark blue or even black) as for those who are not "the faint of heart". Women who brave having blue on their nails tell the world you "live an adrenaline-filled lifestyle full of constant excitement!"

In the discipline of chakra, blue is the color identified with the throat and therefore, with communication.  Wearing this shade may help you be understood more easily and project more approachability with your enhanced grasp of body language.

INDIGO: Most other nail color sites completely ignore this important shade, except for the folks at Empower Yourself With Color Psychology.  Their entire site is devoted to explaining how colors affect your psyche. 

According to them, "indigo is the color of intuition".  People attracted to wearing this shade are idealists who appreciate structure and tradition.

Indigo in the chakra lexicon, however, is somewhat different. Based as it is in the forehead area, this chakra is concerned with noble traits as compassion, generosity, forgiveness and understanding. Some might argue if this is truly the case, this should be mandatory for all our elected officials.

VIOLET: The last color in the basic spectrum is kind of a shady mix of light purple, magenta, lavender and lilac.  According to the site Nails Beautiqued,

This shade is worn by those who are collected and graceful with a confident femininity not displayed by the more youthful and unserious pink.

For those following chakra teachings, violet is connected to the crown of the head. It is the color of maturity, ideas and the sharing of knowledge. It would be the ideal shade to wear to an important business meeting or any other situation where your words count in a serious setting.

For a humorous look at what your polish color means, check out YouTube vlogger, Lex Croucher explain the whole nail polish color issue in a somewhat salty video.

Whether women-centric websites know more than ancient East Indian deities about nail polish hues is impossible to ascertain but it is certainly fun to compare. What's your best chakra color?


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