Manicures for Mutts Makes Money for Emergencies

Manicures for Mutts Makes Money for Emergencies

Pet-icures for charity

A chain of veterinary hospitals in York, England is offering "Manicures for Mutts" to fund emergency services for injured wild, abandoned or lost animals. Pet owners are encouraged to bring their canines and felines down to the Minster Veterinary Practice for a 'free' nail trim throughout the month of May, in exchange for a donation to their "Stray Fund". The fee for such "pet-icures" during the other 11 months is usually about $20 Cdn. The critter clinic estimates the cost for them to administer care to the animals treated under their programs to be approximately $17,800 per year.

Besides the standard dog and cat patients which have received care through the fund, the practice has also treated hares, hedgehogs and a host of other small mammals in need of veterinary services. One Senior Veterinary Nurse with the clinic, Tracey Pulleyn, pointed out our precious pets must get manis and pedis for the same reason humans should get regular fingernail care done; it is essential to good hygiene and ongoing health.

"Keeping your pets' nails trim is really important as it can help to prevent further health problems including mobility issues and ingrown nails in cats. Nail clippings are a key part of the role we provide as nurses, so we thought it would be a great way to promote the role of veterinary nurses as well as raising money for our Stray Fund," said Pulleyn.


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