Werewolf Nails Not Designed for Real Life

Werewolf Nails Not Designed for Real Life

Impractical choices

There are some fashion fads that appear to be designed for maximum effect but not for daily use. Six-inch stiletto heels are a perfect example of trading all day practicality for the sudden impact of a stunning style. As effective as they are for turning heads, however, such footwear are even better at turning ankles. They are definitely not for real life.

A Hair-Raising Procedure

The latest trend to come knocking which falls exactly into this slot is a manicure style known as "Werewolf". For those not familiar with this over-the-top style option, a Werewolf Manicure features fingernails adorned with 3D flairs such as feathers, fluff and yes, even wolf hair; thus the name. To see examples of these Werewolf styles, Huffington Post UK has a gallery you can view here.

There Must be a Catch

The problem with wearing such an outrageous look is obvious. Real women do real work, whether in the home or at their job. Having delicate adornments on your fingers would make doing that real work practically impossible, much like, say, the ancient practice of foot binding. With decorative elements such as what looks a lot like mini feather dusters affixed to your fingernails, doing mundane chores as washing dishes or using a keyboard would be difficult, if not impossible.

The Wherefore and the Why

When you get right down to it, styles such as Werewolf Manicures and mile-high spikes may be impractical but then, they weren't ever designed for the humdrum of picking up the kids at the daycare on your way home from the office. Over the top fashion elements are developed for just one purpose; to get you noticed. There is no better way to catch the attention of the world than by having the brass to wear a fashion option so far beyond the pale. After all, who notices pale?


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